What prevents South Australia from being a global force for innovation, technology and outstanding business models?

The answer is nothing, when South Australia’s local business community musters its collective power; welcome to the Impact Awards. The Impact Awards will showcase South Australian companies with global ambition, representing the future prosperity of our State. The event is supported by South Australia’s business leaders and influencers who play a key role to help the next generation reach greater heights.


Opportunities will be delivered to companies who nominate and are chosen, so that new commercial relationships, synergies and partnerships are created for accelerated global growth.


The Impact Awards is more than recognition, it will create a home grown capability to generate high value employment opportunities, globally competitive companies and take this State to a new level of performance. As an industry led movement, our purpose is to make South Australia not just one of the best places to live, but also, one of the most exciting places to run a global enterprise from.

The Organisers

The Impact Awards is organised by a committee and support staff, working with local business leaders and ambassadors. This is a joint and coordinated effort by the local business community to generate home grown solutions to improve commercial and research outcomes.


As a group, we are committed to generating more globally competitive companies, vastly improve the amount of research that reaches commercialisation and ultimately ensure that our economy meets the demands of increasing global competition.

The Executive Committee and Founders

Kimon Lycos •  Mark Fusco • Rob Silva  • Nigel Hall


Support Staff

 Kathryn Bothe Kosette Lambert

Emma Hackett  • Michael Ziersch

2017 impact awards highlights

2017 sponsors





Founders & collaborating organisers

 Kathryn Bothe Kosette Lambert