2017 winners, finalists & Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our 2017 winners. Carefully chosen by international leaders and influencers of South Australia, these companies are considered to be primed for profound growth due to world class capabilities. They will receive dedicated support from the South Australian business community to globalise the economy.


Mark Emmett




Oscar Fiorinotto


Marc de Maaijer




These finalists passed a rigorous process to be recognised for having exceptional capability to compete globally.

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Energy affordability and availability are key economic drivers for wealth creation in companies, communities and nations. To solve these two issues, more and more companies, facilities and government bodies, here in Australia and overseas are turning to AZZO for their specialised services. AZZO empowers their clients to understand and optimise their energy use, something which has become a critical issue in the Australian market, where costs have skyrocketed and availability of supply has come under threat. In such a challenging environment, AZZO has given their clients the tools to improve their competitiveness – integrated energy management and demand control systems. For over 10 years AZZO has been developing world-leading capabilities to help customers manage their water, gas, and electricity while ensuring good power quality and reducing their energy costs.

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GD Pharma

The pharmaceutical market is dominated by large multinationals, who require enormous sales volumes to pay back their significant investments. This global model has created multiple gaps in the market because the large players cannot meet all the needs of patients. Some medicines for example are only available in tablet form, but what about those who need a liquid because they cannot swallow? GD Pharma specialises in meeting market needs that the large players can’t. With the ability to rapidly customise new types of medicine which are off-patent and with innovative delivery methods, new markets can quickly be addressed, for customers, such as hospitals, ambulance services, correctional facilities and clinical trials.

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Mighty Kingdom

In the multi-billion dollar industry of online and mobile games, to stand out from a crowded marketplace and manage the high costs of development takes exceptional systems and strategy. While the rewards can be incredible wealth generated by nailing a smash hit, the risks associated need to be carefully managed and funded. Mighty Kingdom is a games development company targeting corporations who engage their markets in mobile games. By using Mighty Kingdom, customers generate the analytics needed to identify new monetisation strategies. Mighty Kingdom achieves this by researching a target market’s play behaviour, then designs experiences to extend a customer’s IP into revenue-generating gameplay. Known for dedication to quality and agility, Mighty Kingdom has attracted brands such as Moose Toys, Disney, LEGO and KitCatCo.

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As urban environments become larger and more densely populated, the race is on to ensure that people can live harmoniously with increasing levels of noise and electro-magnetic fields (EMF). At stake is people’s health and wellbeing and, to make cities and environments desirable places to live, the need to maintain value and contribute to a productive and ‘happy’ society. Resonate delivers the ability to control noise and EMF by providing expertise in acoustic (noise and vibration) and EMF measurement, assessment, troubleshooting and design. This assists decision-makers to minimise disturbances, harmful environments and promote more liveable communities.

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The vaccine industry is the vanguard that protects mankind from catastrophic health threats. Vaxine has developed vaccines to protect the world’s population against such major emerging threats as pandemic influenza, SARS and Ebola. Using proprietary methods, they have applied novel approaches to also develop innovative vaccines against Alzheimer’s disease, allergies and cancer. These potent new vaccines are based on next-generation technologies, including nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. Vaxine’s mission is to create vaccines against almost any human disease.

Hall of Fame

Glenn Cooper

2017 Hall of Fame inductee

Glenn Cooper

Congratulations to Glenn Cooper, Director of Coopers Brewery Ltd. Our third inductee into the Impact Awards Hall of Fame, awarded for making a profound impact on South Australia’s economy and global markets. Achieved with outstanding innovation, ambition and determination.

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